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Economy - overview: Anguilla has few natural resources, and the economy depends heavily on luxury tourism, offshore banking, lobster fishing, and remittances from emigrants. Increased activity in the tourism industry, which has spurred the growth of the construction sector, has contributed to economic growth. Anguillian officials have put substantial effort into developing the offshore financial sector, which is small, but growing. In the medium term, prospects for the economy will depend largely on the tourism sector and, therefore, on revived income growth in the industrialized nations as well as on favorable weather conditions.

Colonized by English settlers from Saint Kitts in 1650, Anguilla was administered by Great Britain until the early 19th century, when the island - against the wishes of the inhabitants - was incorporated into a single British dependency along with Saint Kitts and Nevis. Several attempts at separation failed. In 1971, two years after a revolt, Anguilla was finally allowed to secede; this arrangement was formally recognized in 1980 with Anguilla becoming a separate British dependency.


Jan 1 - New Year's Day
Mar 25* - Good Friday
Mar 28* - Easter Monday
May 1 - Labour Day
May 16* - Whit Monday
May 27* - Anguilla Day(Last Friday in May)
Jun 14 - Queen's Official Birthday
Aug 1* - August Monday - Start of Carnival Week (First Monday in August)
Aug 4* - August Thursday
Aug 5* - Constitution Day
Dec 17* - Separation Day
Dec 25-26 - Christmas

Ps: These festivals' date(*) given above are approximations which are subject to change every new year. 

Phone Codes

Country Code: 1 264
Outgoing International Code: 011 


Market Research

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Trade Information

Anguilla Chamber of Commerce & Industry
It is the official website of Anguilla Chamber of Commerce that indicates its mission which is to enhance, promote and support the Anguillian business community and economy, through offering economy stimulating initiatives, innovative advise and professional expertise.

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