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South Africa occupied the German colony of South-West Africa during World War I and administered it as a mandate until after World War II when it annexed the territory. In 1966 the Marxist South-West Africa People's Organization (SWAPO) guerrilla group launched a war of independence for the area that was soon named Namibia, but it was not until 1988 that South Africa agreed to end its administration in accordance with a UN peace plan for the entire region. Independence came in 1990.

The economy is heavily dependent on the extraction and processing of minerals for export. Mining accounts for 20% of GDP. Namibia is the fourth-largest exporter of non-fuel minerals in Africa and the world's fifth-largest producer of uranium. Rich alluvial diamond deposits make Namibia a primary source for gem-quality diamonds. Namibia also produces large quantities of lead, zinc, tin, silver, and tungsten. About half of the population depends on agriculture (largely subsistence agriculture) for its livelihood. Namibia must import some of its food. Although per capita GDP is five times the per capita GDP of Africa's poorest countries, the majority of Namibia's people live in pronounced poverty because of large-scale unemployment, the great inequality of income distribution, and the large amount of wealth going to foreigners. The Namibian economy has close links to South Africa. Agreement has been reached on the privatization of several more enterprises in coming years, which should stimulate long-run foreign investment.

Jan 1 - New Year's Day
Mar 21 - Independence Day
Mar 25-28* - Easter
May 1 - Workers' Day
May 4 - Cassinga Day
May 5* - Ascension
May 25 - Africa Day (Anniversary of the OAU's Foundation)
Aug 26 - Heroes' Day
Dec 10 - International Human Rights Day
Dec 25 - Christmas Day
Dec 26 - Family Day

Ps: The Festivals' date(*) are subject to change in every new year.

Phone Codes

Country Code: 264
Outgoing International Code: 00


Market Research

CIA - The World Factbook - Republic of Namibia
This website indicates a wide range of detail information about Namibia by introducing under 8 different fields as its geography, people, government, economy, communications, transportation, military, transnational issues.

About Namibia
There is available to find out Namibia's general outlook on the issues of its social and business profile, passport/visa, money, accommodation, government, duty free, health and so forth.

Lex Africa: Business Guide: Namibia
The African Law Firm Network examines Namibia in order to get comprehensive business outlook for the potential investors seeking business opportunities in Namibia.

Namibia Business
Mbendi serves as business oriented directory providing an ultimate African Business Source for the potential investors seeking new business opportunities in Namibia including the list of industries for Namibia.

Namibia: Business and Country Information represents Namibia in terms of political, economic and legal issues that aims to assist investors by informing about economic and investment climate in Namibia.

Doing Business in Namibia
World Bank represents a snapshot of the business climate in Namibia by identifying specific regulations and policies that encourage or discourage investment, productivity, and growth related to Namibia.

Business in Namibia
This website provides an extensive information gateway for Namibia in terms of doing business with Namibia, legal guides to establishing business in Namibia and so forth.

African Studies: Namibia
There is a wide range of research about Namibian business & economic profile.

Business Directory - Namibia
Wow-directory offers business resources and services by creating cross-referenced categories in business opportunities for Namibia as business to business, classifieds, cooperatives, directories, organizations & trade.

Namibia News
There is available to look at Namibian business, economic and political news.

U.S. Department of State - Bureau of Consular Affairs - For Republic of Namibia
U.S. Bureau of Consular Affairs creates a wide range of research named as Consular Information Sheet about Namibia in terms of analyzing its social, political, cultural & economic environments.

U.S. Department of State: Country Commercial Guide: Namibia
The country commercial reports are prepared annually by U.S. Embassies with the assistance of several U.S. Government agencies that basically offers a comprehensive outlook at Namibian commercial environments, using economic, political, and market analysis.

Trade Information

Namibian Chamber of Commerce & Industry(NCCI)
It is the official website of NCCI which dedicates to promote prosperity for all Namibians not only by ensuring balanced private sector growth, enterprise development and global competitiveness both also offering business networking service for both foreign & local investors.

Embassy Listings For Namibia
There are listed the embassies of the republic of Namibia including the embassies' contact information.

Namibia Government Online
It displays the structure of Namibian government by looking at its political units, branches, ministries and so forth in details.

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