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  • 03 May 2010 3:58 PM | Nancy Nicholson (Administrator)

    Several Hong Kong based businesses, attended a presentation at the WORLD TRADE CENTER San Diego with the intention of exploring green and sustainable energy businesses in the San Diego region.  The delegation was looking to connect San Diego companies with potential partners in the Hong Kong area.  Topics of interest included biotech technology, energy, clean tech and the group stressed the advantages of partnering with Hong Kong based companies as a gateway to China’s growing economy.  While in the region, the Hong Kong companies will visit several key San Diego sustainable energy businesses, California Center for Sustainable Energy, UCSD, CleanTECH, and travel to the Imperial Valley to meet with the Imperial Valley Economic Development Corporation and EW Corporation. 


    The WORLD TRADE CENTER San Diego welcomed:


    •·         The Hong Kong Association of Energy Services Companies

    •·         CLP Power Hong Kong Ltd

    •·         China NTG Gas Group

    •·         Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation

    •·         Dennis Lau & Ng Chun Man Architects & Engineers (HK) Limited

    •·         The Hong Kong Productivity Council


    The visit presents an opportunity for growth and development through partnership with like-minded companies striving to achieve green, sustainable energy.

    By Allan Crane


  • 03 May 2010 1:10 PM | Nancy Nicholson (Administrator)

    Today Pirko Konsa, the Managing Director of Tehnopol, visited the WORLD TRADE CENTER San Diego’s (WTCSD) new International Relations Office (IRO) to learn more about its services and find out how the IRO can help Estonia extend its business network in the region. The technology park Tehnopol is a leading business incubator that provides a business and science environment for 150 companies, Tallinn University of Technology and the IT College. Mr. Konsa intends to build and strengthen relations with San Diego biotech and technology companies and help Estonian businesses to start operating in the U.S.

    By Franziska Poppe

  • 29 Apr 2010 12:45 PM | Programs WTCSD (Administrator)

    Standards, Connections, Pathways and Problem Solving The DNA of Lean, the second workshop in the Honsha series, built off of the first workshop’s theme of eliminating waste to improve operation performance and reach “value excellence.”   Speaker Samuel Obara focused on the correct process of addressing problems, which he defined as the deviation from a standard, through a simple problem solving strategy.

    Problem Solving Strategy:

    1. Plan
    2. Do
    3. Check
    4. Act

    In order for a problem to be solved, a standard must be implemented which is measurable, clear, and beneficial to the mission of the business.  Several ways to solve problems included identifying the root cause of a problem by continually asking the question ‘why?’ until the issue is realigned to fit the standard.  Through an interactive example, Obara demonstrated the importance of removing ‘junk words’ such as; many, few, and some, which do not offer a clear depiction of the topic being discussed.  In response to applying this technique, companies began focusing on data that conveyed a clear understanding of the issue.  Therefore, quantifiable goals were set and applied to companies’ operations which ultimately eliminated waste.

    Comments from Attendees
    Most Useful:

    Problem Solving System and Techniques, Kevin McGourty, iNPD Center, Inc.
    Great examples & Problem definition, Robert Ryczek, Phillips Lighting Electronics Mexico
    Lean, Luis Felipe Medina, ITW Space Bag


    Thank you to our Sponsor:Honsha

    Thank you to our cooperator Japan Society of San Diego Tijuana

    To view video of the event, visit our Youtube Channel.

    Blog prepared by Margaret Ferries.

  • 26 Apr 2010 2:16 PM | Nancy Nicholson (Administrator)

    Swiss delegates and U.S. local business executives came together for an open round table discussion on Monday, April 26, 2010 to start a dialogue on sustainable transportation and share their insights on the positive impacts of an excellent national transportation network such as the one in Switzerland. The networking event was hosted by the WORLD TRADE CENTER San Diego’s new International Relations Office (IRO) – that is continuously striving to build and foster international business partnerships and help companies globally expand their markets.


    The International Relations Office welcomed:


    •·         Mr. Roland Rietmann (Deputy Consul General, Consulate General of Switzerland, Los Angeles)




    •·         Mr. Ken Sulzer (Professor of Urban Planning, UCSD)

    •·         Mr. Gregor Saladin (Press Officer, Federal Department (Ministry) of Environment, Transport, Energy and Communication of Switzerland; Federal Office of Transport, Division of Politics)

    •·         Mr. Christian Häuselmann (SwissCleantec)

    •·         Mr. Charles Stoll (Director of Land Use and Transportation Planning, SANDAG)


    The panel discussion, moderated by Mr. Ken Sulzer, included the following topics:


    •·         AB 32 and Its Impact on Transportation Solutions in California

    •·         Switzerland’s 21st Century Public Transportation System

    •·         Swiss Individual Transport: High Tech and Connectivity

    •·         San Diego Regional Transportation Plan in light of AB 32

    By Franziska Poppe
  • 22 Apr 2010 10:25 AM | Programs WTCSD (Administrator)

    Trade Compliance Update, the first of the 2010 Tools for Trade Conference Series kicked off with great topics such as export control system, U.S. national security, and economic competitiveness. Joseph Tosto with the U.S. Department of Commerce started off with an engaging presentation highlighting the risks of not complying with export regulations. He shared real world examples, for instance, how exporting a product like a cell phone could be turned into a deadly weapon in the wrong hands. Sarah Reynolds from The World Academy delivered an informative presentation educating guests about various export terminologies such as C-TPAT, ITAR and ECCN. Noah Munoz from WorldTrans Services focused on Importer Security Filing (ISF). Afterwards, Roy Paulson with Paulson Manufacturing arrived with a current export update direct from Washington D.C. After the enlightening presentations, guests were given the opportunity to ask questions and network with the knowledgeable speakers.


    WTCSD would like to thank our sponsors:

    WorldTrans Services Inc.

    The World Academy


    To view videos of this event, please visit our Youtube Channel.

  • 15 Apr 2010 10:04 AM | Anonymous

    In order to be competitive in today’s global economy, most businesses will need to effectively manage foreign exchange risk. Aware that solidifying a company’s presence in the global market can prove to be a challenge, speaker Kyle Falconi offered a full room of attendees insight to foreign exchange strategies and how the Foreign Exchange Desk can be a valuable asset to any small or mid-sized company doing business internationally.

    Guest speaker Kyle Falconi, Vice President, Citibank Corporate FX Group, addressed:
    -How to protect your company's profits
    -Greenback strategies from knowledgeable experts
    -Challenges facing the current dollar

    Comments from Attendees
    Most useful:
    "Gained a better understanding of foreign exchange" Steve Cade, Seawind Int.
    "Hedges, futures, online solution" Eric Gomez, Max InterAmericas, Inc.
    "Forward and options mix" Tom Bartley, Tom Bartley Ideas

    Thank Your to Our Sponsor - Citibank

    To view videos of this event, visit our Youtube channel.

    Blog prepared by Margaret Ferries

  • 06 Apr 2010 12:27 PM | Anonymous

    Declared a success by attendees, the International Business Mixer proved to be highly beneficial for more than 400 business professionals wishing to cultivate relationships with companies throughout San Diego.  Inside the impressive Landmark Aviation Private Hangar, sponsor tables lined the perimeter with open invitations for business opportunities.  Surrounded by these prospective business endeavors, attendees mingled with one another while sampling catered cuisine and sipping wine.

    WTCSD would like to thank all who attended and made this year’s International Business Mixer a success.


    Quotes by attendees:

    Congratulations to you and your staff for a very successful

    International Business Mixer.  The two guests I brought with me were

    able to make very valuable business connections.Again, great job!

    Tim De Marco, International Decisions, Inc.


    I truly enjoyed your event and will most certainly attend in the future. 

    Gillian Ware, San Diego Convention and Visitors Bureau


    Thank You very much! Thursday’s Tradeshow turned out be very successful for us! I look forward on getting more involved with the World Trade Center!

    Warmest Regards,

    Lucy Gomez, Sheraton Mission Valley San Diego Hotel


    Just a note to tell you how proud I am to be part of what you are doing.  The World Trade Center just gets better and better.  The event was a positive experience from beginning to the end.  Excellent!!
    David Nilson, Vista Chamber of Commerce

    Thank you to our sponsors: San Diego International Airport, Quantum Design, Orthodontic Design and Production, Inc., San Diego Business Journal, and Landmark Aviation.


    For more pics visit our Flckr page.  Videos are Posted to our YouTube.

    Blog Prepared by Margaret Ferries.

  • 24 Nov 2009 12:46 PM | Anonymous
    Cross Cultural Business Communications Workshop (CCBC): India was a fitting wrap up to the series of four workshops hosted by WTC and the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce. Guests enjoyed an Indian inspired breakfast as they listened to speaker Aashish Chanana. Chanana heads Media Factory India–one of India’s well-known and very successful film and video production companies with facilities in Mumbai (Bollywood) and Hollywood, CA. Chanana kicked off the workshop with examples of his work in film and animation. The workshop was an open discussion about Indian culture and perceptions American Business people have of India. Guests asked questions and shared their experiences with conducting business in India. Topics from Slum Dog Millionaire to the weather and how to secure a good hotel were discussed.

    Attendee Comments on “Most Useful Topics” covered:
    “Cultural Perspective, Business Growth Areas.” -Michelle Serafiri, Coldwell Banker
    “The perspective of a native Indian…” -Van Nong, Goodrich Aerostructures
    “Information on how to find a good hotel.” -Hiroshi Yoshida, Fudec
    “Don’t travel cheap in India, expensive there is still cheap for you.” -Robert Tepper, Southern States University

    Aashish Chanana, CEO of MFI and Workshop Speaker

    Greg Favish, WTC Member-Comments on India vs. Asia

    Thank you to our sponsor Quantum Design.

    To view more photos of the event please visit WTC’s Flickr Album
    To view more videos of this event please visit WTC’s YouTube Library
  • 10 Nov 2009 10:42 AM | Anonymous
    Congratulatoins to the 2009 International Business Leadership Award Winners!

    Left: Exporter of the Year-Aperio Technologies, Sponsored by Wells Fargo International Group
    Center: Importer of the Year-Inabata America Corp, Sponsored by Palomar Technologies
    Right: Service Provider of the Year, Sponsored by FedEx

    Keynote Speaker: Carly Fiorina, CEO of Carly Enterprises and Former CEO of HP

    Jerry Sanders, Mayor of San Diego David Schultz, Chair, WTC

    Bella Heule, President/CEO, WTC Jane Mitchell, Emcee, Channel 4 San Diego

    Event Reception

    Thank You to our Sponsors
    Title Sponsor – Port of San Diego
    Awards Sponsors – FedEx, Palomar Technologies, Wells Fargo International Group
    Industry Leaders Reception – WD40 Company
    Awards Reception – Sony
    Partners – County of San Diego, ONEHope Wine, Mendiola Island Productions, PureFlo.

    To read news articles on the awards, please visit the following websites:

    To see more photos from the awards, please visit our Flickr page:

  • 21 Oct 2009 1:29 PM | Anonymous

    Tools for Trade III: Exporting was the perfect complement to the second conference about importing and sourcing. The conference series was designed to educate businesses in growing and protecting their trade in the globalized economy.

    Reaching out to all exporters, whether just getting started or already in the business, this conference was designed to provide an update on regulations and pending policies. The two open discussion panels encouraged the attendees to engage in the conference, and followed with an update on pending export reforms.

    Panel I: Logistics— Focused on logistics and compliance issues. The two panelists, Rita Spencer-Rout from Cymer, Inc. and Jacqueline D’Angelico of WorldTrans, Inc., spoke about the critical importance of knowing the regulations and required paperwork. They emphasized that “ignorance is not a defense.” Both panelists spoke about the compliance related issues and logistics by punctuating difficult policies with real life examples. Speaking on the topics of “deemed exports” and “deemed re-exports” they referenced resources such as the EAR (Export Administration Regulations) and the U.S. Department of Commerce. A repeated topic question dealt with the exportation of technology and its regulations—is it controlled or not? Is it a deemed export or not? As Rita Spencer-Rout stated, “Where technology comes from makes a difference.” Both Spencer-Rout and D’Angelico left attendees with this piece of advice, “Know your customer and partners. Know the end use and the ultimate end user. If you don’t know, find out.”

    Panel II: Business Marriage— Provided relationship advice between companies and their distributors. Providing their own companies as examples of this “business marriage” John Hanley of Solatube Global Marketing and Roy Paulson of Paulson Manufacturing led this engaging discussion. “Finance is essential for the order.” In order to start exporting, all the finances need to be in order. Drawing on their own experiences, the panelists shared the problems they encountered obtaining the funds needed to start their businesses. Banks are not the only resource– others such as the SBA (Small Business Administration) and the EX-IM Bank are available. They explained the various means to deal with financial payments, such as cash in advance, partial payments, credit payments, L-credit payments, etc. The panel advised using the EX-IM Bank as a resource and using the CIA Factbook to gain general knowledge about the potential countries for distribution channels. The final thought they left with attendees was not to go too big too fast. Hanley stated that “my distributors are my family,” “and we don’t cheat on our families,” Paulson added.

    “Have faith in the Obama administration,” Paulson encourages. Concluding the conference was an update on pending exporting policies and regulations. President Obama’s export reform request was to make the process of exporting simpler by interagency reform. Concerned for homeland security, there are those within the government who are oppose the restrictions and are instead striving to increase shipping controls in order to stop re-exporting. Paulson explained that the process the administration proposes would come in stages—first would be to approve and implement the good, the second stage would be to determine and implement the short term ideas that can have a significant impact on the economy and encourage growth. The administration proposes making stronger controls on fewer, more critical, items and to decrease the controls on other items.

    Most Useful:

    “Understanding of controlled exports”—Earl Biddlecome, SupplyPro, Inc.

    “U.S. Commerce information, website [resources], and networking”—Allen Vigil, Grupo Logistics

    “Overall knowledge of exporting issues facing business”—Jack Kelly, Commit

    “Small business exporting issues”—Rita Spencer-Rout, Cymer, Inc.

    Rita Spencer-Rout from Cymer, Inc.:

    Jacqueline D’Angelico of WorldTrans, Inc.:

    John Hanley and Roy Paulson:

    Roy Paulson:


    Blog prepared by Kristina Tomlin

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